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Minor Update Info

Relatively little has changed in Apple’s approach to sharing files in Tiger since the last release of the ebook. However, there are changes in some third-party programs I wanted to make readers aware of.

File-Sharing Management Programs

Two of my favorite pieces of software for managing file sharing services under Mac OS X achieved Tiger compatibility. PureFTPd Manager, the graphical interface for the excellent Pure-FTPd FTP server software, reached Tiger compatibility back with version 1.4.4; it’s now at 1.6.3.

And SharePoints went up to date for Tiger in mid-2005; it’s software that lets you bypass Apple’s simplified and missing configuration for AppleShare and Samba file sharing. Version 3.5.2 is Tiger compatible; the developer hasn’t released updates since May 2005.

Both tools are donationware, so please remember to contribute to the developers through links on their sites if you find their software part of your regular routine.

New File Transfer Programs

In 2006, two interesting new options for exchanging files emerged that work across multiple platforms and employ good security. Both options rely on a special set of text that’s sent to a recipient that uses that to “claim” the file. Files are transferred using good, strong security. The week link in both systems is that anyone with the claim check can retrieve a file without any additional authentication.

Civil Netizen works on a peer-to-peer basis, in which the software turns your computer into a kind of FTP server with none of the complexity. The software is free and in beta. The only centralized element is a registry in which information is stored that allows a recipient to pull up the right details to access your computer to retrieve a file.

Pando works more like a repository, in that you upload your file to their servers, and send a recipient a retrieval note that allows them to pull down the file. Pando allows files up to one gigabyte (GB) in size during its beta period; it will remain free, apparently. In March 2007, I wrote a TidBITS article about using Pando for one-to-many downloads.

Better Control for AppleShare-over-IP with Old Systems

If you’re still running versions of System 7, or Mac OS 8 or 9, and want to add or get better control over AppleShare-over-IP, purchase and install Open Door Software’s Shareway IP. This software used to cost $79, but the company reduced the price to $39 after Tiger shipped, and just $29 for educational users.

Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)