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Lion DiskMaker Renamed; Apple Advice on Altered Home Folder; Gmail

Progress marches on, and even though we just released version 1.2 of Take Control of Upgrading to Mavericks, a few additional pieces of information have already emerged.

First, the app formerly known as Lion DiskMaker has been renamed to the less anachronistic and more future-proof DiskMaker X. Its capabilities remain the same.

Second, Apple has posted a support article titled OS X Mavericks: Home folder appears to be different after completing Setup Assistant, which describes a situation that can occur if a Mavericks installation is aborted partway through (for example, if the computer was powered off during installation) and the installer prompts you to create a new user account. It’s no big deal; you just have to go through a short procedure to log in to your original account. But it’s worth knowing about.

Finally, my own solution to Gmail and Mail in Mavericks not getting along has been to ditch Gmail in favor of a real IMAP provider. I posted my story at Macworld: Why (and how) I’m saying goodbye to Gmail.

Posted by Joe Kissell (Permalink)