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Keychain Syncing to Disappear with MobileMe

Apple has announced that iCloud, due to arrive this fall, will replace MobileMe. While iCloud will include many features currently in MobileMe, some of them did not make the cut. And among those is one mentioned in Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X: syncing keychains between Macs (covered on page 71 of version 2.1). According to a MobileMe to iCloud Transition page, you’ll be able to continue syncing your keychains until you switch your MobileMe account to iCloud or until June 30, 2012, whichever comes first.

Because I recommend using 1Password—and syncing one’s passwords amongst Macs, PCs, and iOS devices securely via Dropbox—this change need not cause any trauma. However, do keep in mind that some kinds of passwords (such as those Mac OS X stores automatically when you mount network volumes or disk images, or connect to wireless networks) are kept only in your keychain, so those will no longer sync automatically and may have to be re-entered by hand, once per device.

Posted by Joe Kissell (Permalink)