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iWeb Publishing to MobileMe to End in 2012

Apple has announced the end of its MobileMe service, effective June 30, 2012, and has also announced that many of its functions will find equivalents in the new iCloud service from Apple, due to debut sometime in the last quarter of 2011. As it turns out, however, Web hosting on MobileMe is not going to be replaced by an equivalent feature in iCloud. Apple provides some details what iCloud will include and what it won’t in its Mobile Me transition page (you can also read more about the transition in the TidBITS article, Apple Details Transition from MobileMe to iCloud).

Specifically, the capability of using MobileMe to host your iWeb site, as described in the “Publish Your Site” chapter of “Take Control of iWeb ‘09” (pp. 43-60) will no longer be possible after June 20, 2012. In addition, using MobileMe Web galleries in an iWeb site, described in “Work with MobileMe Galleries” (pp. 116-117), will end at the same time.

Apple recommends that you move any iWeb sites to a different Web hosting service before MobileMe shuts down, and explains the procedure in its document, MobileMe: How to move an iWeb site from MobileMe to another web hosting service. Note that iWeb ’09 provides an integrated FTP capability (see “Settings for an FTP Server,” pp. 48-51) that you can use to publish an iWeb-created site to an alternate location.

Apple also provides instructions for saving any photos you have in Web galleries in its support document, MobileMe: How to save your MobileMe Gallery photos and movies; however, at present Apple provides no guidance to users about what to do with iWeb sites that currently rely upon such galleries. We suspect you’ll have to find a new online home for your photos and movies and redesign your iWeb sites accordingly.

Posted by Michael E. Cohen (Permalink)