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iWeb ‘09 Edition Is Available

We’ve just released Take Control of iWeb ‘09, by Steve Sande. The 152-page new edition covers all the new features in iWeb ‘09 (plus those that remain from previous iWeb versions, of course).


p>Generally speaking, Take Control of iWeb ‘09 walks you through the steps for building an iWeb site and uploading it to MobileMe or another Web host. You can look over Steve’s shoulder as he enhances iWeb’s templates with a designer’s eye, using tools like masks, reflections, and Instant Alpha. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of uploading, with special coverage of using a custom domain name and uploading to third-party hosts.

New iWeb ‘09 features discussed include still-more widgets that can add special content to your site (for instance, a Twitter feed) and the new FTP capabilities that vastly simplify uploading to a third-party Web host. As with the recently released Take Control ebooks about GarageBand ‘09, this title is unusual in that it offers book-length coverage of a single iLife application.

Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)