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iPhone OS 4 Shipping with a New Name and New Apps

At yesterday’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, Steve Jobs announced that the previously announced iPhone OS 4 will ship as iOS 4 on June 21. Because the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone will all run iOS 4, the iOS name change makes sense. If you have an original iPhone or iPod touch, you will not be able to upgrade the device to iOS 4, but for newer devices, the upgrade is free.

Steve showcased several changes coming to the iOS’s core apps. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • iBooks: iBooks will support PDFs and it will sync ebooks and ebook information (bookmarks, notes, your place) between iOS devices using the same account.

  • FaceTime feature in Phone: FaceTime will turn a normal phone call into a video call. At least initially, FaceTime will require that both callers have an iPhone 4 and be on a Wi-Fi connection, though it needn’t be the same Wi-Fi network. FaceTime will have options for sending video via the new front-facing camera or the back-facing camera.

  • iMovie for iPhone: This new $4.99 app will offer video editing. You can add several video clips to a project; trim their lengths using cropping handles at the clips’ edges; and add transitions, titles, music, and photos with customizable Ken Burns panning effects. The app also has five themes, which add styled text, transitions, and music to tie the movie together. The finished movie can be uploaded to a MobileMe Gallery or YouTube, or shared via email or MMS in one of three resolutions: Medium (360p), Large (540p), and HD (720p).

  • Mail: The new Mail app will have a unified Inbox for multiple accounts, message threading, support for more than one Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account, and Document Support. Document Support means you’ll have more options for which apps you can use to open attachments.

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Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)