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iPhone 4 Tips Blog Covers Apps, Accessories, and Research

I developed the blog iPhone 4 Tips (“How to do more with iOS 4”) as a companion to Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition. While the ebook covers core iPhone technology, user interface issues, and apps, the blog takes a more whimsical approach to life with an iPhone.

I write about accessories (from the Woogie to the iTree); apps (from the Hipstamatic camera to the Square Up credit-card reader); and aspects of the iPhone user experience, including disappointment with the quality of apps in the App Store and the discoveries of a blind programmer who uses his iPhone as a sight aid.

I’ll be tracking research on smart phone use from the Pew Center Internet & American Life Project, venturing some common sense observations about the latest iPhone rumors, and inviting reader comments. Come join me!

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