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iPhone 4 and iOS 4 Announcements

Yesterday’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, given by Steve Jobs, revealed important software- and hardware-related details for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, plus dates for when you’ll be able to download the new operating system version and buy a new iPhone.

iOS 4

To solve the problem of the iPhone OS name no longer making sense, since the iPhone OS also runs on the iPod touch and iPad, Apple has changed the name for the version 4 release to iOS 4. iOS 4 will ship on June 21. If you have an original iPhone or iPod touch, you will not be able to upgrade the device to iOS 4, but for newer devices, the upgrade is free.

iPhone 4

At the keynote, Apple also showcased the iPhone 4, which will have a new high-resolution display, improved back-facing camera with an LED flash, new front-facing camera, 802.11n compatibility (2.4 GHz band only) for wireless networking via Wi-Fi, smaller micro-SIM for storing cellular data carrier information, new secondary noise-cancelling mic to supplement the existing mic, and an improved battery. It will also have a gyroscope.

Apple will begin taking iPhone 4 pre-orders on June 15, and the device should be available in certain countries—including the United States and France—on June 24.

More Info

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