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iPhone 3.0 Software Sports Sync Changes

Apple released its iPhone 3.0 software today, and among its other features are some that affect syncing between your Mac and your iPhone or iPod touch. Here’s a quick overview of new syncing features and their interesting quirks:

  • Notes: At long last, you can sync notes from your iPhone Notes app with the notes that you create in Apple Mail. Not all of your Mail notes sync with your iPhone, though: only those stored on your Mac or on MobileMe. Notes stored in other accounts, such as those stored on the Gmail server, don’t sync with your Notes app.
  • Voice memos: The new Voice Memos iPhone app syncs its voice memos with your iTunes library, and places them in a Voice Memos playlist. You can turn voice memo syncing off and on from the Music tab when your iPhone is connected to iTunes. The notes are stored in the Apple Lossless format, but can easily be converted to AAC from within iTunes. You can even burn a CD of your voice memo greatest hits if that’s how you roll.
  • Contacts and Calendars: Prior to iPhone 3.0, you could sync your Address Book Contacts and your iCal calendars to your iPhone either via iTunes or via MobileMe—you had to choose one or the other (or, of course, choose not sync at all, but where’s the fun in that?). Now you can sync both ways at the same time. The advantage? One is that you can now sync the read-only calendars (listed in iCal under Subscriptions) with your iPhone via iTunes, and still sync your other calendars via MobileMe so that you can continue to push your iPhone calendar changes to MobileMe in real time. Warning! Make sure you don’t sync the same calendar to your iPhone both with MobileMe and with iTunes. Although you can do this, you end up with two copies of the calendar on your iPhone, and hilarious confusion ensues. Remember to uncheck your MobileMe-synced calendars (listed under the Info tab in iTunes) if you sync your iPhone calendars both with MobileMe and with iTunes.

Posted by Michael E. Cohen (Permalink)