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New AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Option, Thinking about Your Cellular Data Use

If you have an unlimited talk/data plan with AT&T, you may wish to modify your plan. According to an article posted at iPhone Central on January 15th, AT&T is now offering a $100-per-month plan that includes unlimited voice and data, which beats the previous option of $100-per-month for unlimited voice and $30-per-month for unlimited data. Apparently, you can make the switch without penalty or extending your contract.

If you’re curious about how much cellular data you receive on your iPhone or deeply interested in the topic, and particularly if you are considering purchasing an iPad, check out Glenn Fleishman’s TidBITS article, Can You Get By with 250 MB of Data Per Month?. The article is interesting, but it gets exciting in the comments.

Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)