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iBooks Author Update Adds EPUB; iOS 8.4 Adds Multi-Touch Book Capability on iPhone

Apple has released version 2.3 of iBooks Author to accompany the releases of iOS 8.4 and OS X 10.3.3. The new version of iOS brings with it a new version of the iBooks app, version 4.3, that can now open and display Multi-Touch books on iPhone.

That’s pretty big news, but the bigger news is that iBooks Author now offers two EPUB templates. Using those, one can create EPUBs in iBooks Author using the File > Export command. Here’s what the iBooks Author Help has to say about EPUBs:

The ePub templates are designed for novels, mysteries, and other books with a lot of text. You can allow readers to scroll through the book or swipe to turn pages. You can include any objects and media on the book cover and the table of contents header, and for the body pages, you can choose from a set of objects specially selected for ePub books—tables, images, and Gallery, Media, and HTML widgets. (If an object is unavailable, the tools and inspector controls for working with it are hidden or dimmed.)

The Help also notes some limitations in EPUBs created by iBooks Author:

While reading a book created with an ePub template, iBooks users can change the font size and screen brightness, but can’t change the font style or read in night mode (light text on a dark page).

Posted by Michael E. Cohen (Permalink)