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Home Sharing via iTunes

With the release of iTunes 9, Apple added a new sharing option called Home Sharing that appears, at first glance, to solve some sharing issues. Home Sharing can automatically copy all purchased media from one machine to another, and the feature makes it easier to copy media occasionally from one library to another. It absolutely simplifies allowing each iTunes user to maintain their own metadata (such as star ratings). However, Home Sharing also means that you wind up with multiple copies of the media stored all over, and it is a disappointment for those of us hoping that Apple would create a sensible media sharing service aimed at families.

Home Sharing allows iTunes 9 to copy media shared from iTunes from one computer to another (up to five in all). The option can be set to automatically synchronize media that you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store: when you buy music or video on one computer, the media files are automatically copied to another. Most other items can be manually copied, but there is no synchronization option.

Note that Home Sharing makes it significantly more convenient to share iPhone apps.

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Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)