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Helping Your Apple Laptop Fall to Sleep

The sleep function in newer Apple laptops is meant to protect against data loss in a new way from earlier Apple laptops, but for some folks, this new design means waiting too long for sleep to begin. If you’d like to change the way your laptop sleeps, check out a two-part article, written by Take Control author Joe Kissell in TidBITS about how he solved this problem on his Mac Book Pro. Three caveats: one —read both articles before customizing anything on your laptop, two—this customization is best performed by people who feel comfortable going under the hood of the operating system [and three, check out SmartSleep as noted below].

Article #1: Stewing Over Safe Sleep
Article #2: Safe Sleep Revisited

[August 2009 – Another way to get your Mac to fall asleep faster is with the SmartSleep utility. In fact, in the Snow Leopard edition of this ebook, author Matt Neuburg recommends it!]


p>Pleasant dreams…

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