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Friday Report: October 30, 2020

This week we released a minor update to Josh Centers’s Take Control of Apple Home Automation, making it current with Apple’s latest operating system releases. That wraps up our October schedule.

In November, we’re expecting both Big Sur (finally!) and the release of the first Macs that use Apple silicon. Time will tell how many of our books will have to be revised, and how significantly, to reflect changes in the new hardware. But I’m looking forward to playing with the new equipment and seeing what the future of the Mac will look like.

We have a bunch of other new and updated books in the works too, as always. All of us in Take Control Land have been rather distracted by, you know, All The Things. So progress is both slower and less predictable than I would prefer. Indeed, it’s hard for me to make any definitive statements at all about what might happen beyond, let’s say, next Tuesday or so. But we will as always do our best to cope with and adapt to whatever life sends our way next.

Conditions permitting, I hope to deliver updates to several of my own books in the next month. I would like to think some progress on my to-do list (which remains at 85 items, as it has for some time) will also occur! We have big, big plans for the future of Take Control once all our books have been updated for the latest operating systems and all the to-do list items have been completed. But, this has been a real 2020, you know?

See you again next week, as long as civilization is still standing then.