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Friday Report: November 27, 2020

On Wednesday we commenced our late November/early December sale that we are definitely not referring to using terms such as “Thanksgiving,” “Black Friday,” or “Cyber Monday.” Seventeen of our recently updated books are on sale for 50% off. The response over the first couple of days has been fantastic, and I hope you’ll all take advantage of the opportunity to stock up on winter reading materials. The sale runs through next Wednesday.

My Take Control to-do list dropped from 85 items to 83 this week, which is not saying much, but better than nothing. I’ve made progress on updating a couple of my own books, which could potentially come out as early as next week, depending on how things go over the next few days. I also got a gigantic manuscript from another author that I’ll be starting to edit very, very soon.

December is always a weird month for our publishing schedule, because most people’s attention pretty much disappears around the Solstice, so we only have three weeks to work with, and even during that time, we’re competing with holiday planning and shopping, to say nothing of ever-distracting world events. I do hope we’re able to get a few solid updates in during that time as well as one brand-new book that I’m quite excited about.

We still have many, many books in need of updates, and as circumstances permit, we’ll be buckling down to work through those in the coming months. I’d like to think we’ll be more or less caught up with book updates and much further along on that to-do list by the end of March. Wish us luck.