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Friday Report: May 5, 2023

May the fourth be yesterday. May the fifth be Cinco de Mayo. (Yesterday I watched Episode IV with one of the kids, and today’s supper menu includes tacos and margaritas. We take our holidays seriously here.) Apparently something big is happening in the United Kingdom tomorrow, too.

This week I finally wrapped up edits to a new version of Take Control of Ventura. Kelly Turner is editing it now, and I should be able to ship that next week, along with a small update to Glenn Fleishman’s Take Control of Securing Your Mac. I’ve also been working on a semi-stealth project, helping out some friends with a new app that should make its public appearance later this year. That’ll be exciting.

My next big project is updating Take Control of Your Passwords, which is currently quite far out of date. Then I can move on to…the really big scary updates. Chipping away!

There are now plants growing in my garden, and some additional things to plant/transplant once the weather has warmed up even more. That’s weird and nice. I also bought myself a bike (a conventional, pedal-powered bike, because Saskatoon is pretty flat). Tomorrow I’m going to the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo, sort of a nano-Comic Con, where one of the featured guests will be Jonathan Frakes. Last time I saw him in person was at one of the last Macworld Expos.

See you again next Friday.