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Friday Report: May 12, 2023

This week we released updates to my book Take Control of Ventura and Glenn Fleishman’s book Take Control of Securing Your Mac.

Other than that, I’ve had just a ridiculously frustrating week, with little to show for it.

It’s like: Suppose all you want to do is hammer in a nail. But you don’t have the right kind of nail, so you go to the store. It’s closed. You go to another store. They don’t have the right kind. You go to a third store and succeed in buying the nail, but then you run out of gas on the way home. When you finally get back and pick up your hammer, the handle breaks off. You go out again and buy a new hammer. You come home and start to hammer in the nail, but at the crucial moment, something distracts you and you hammer your thumb. Now imagine that sort of thing happening about 10 times a day, and on a much bigger scale.

Reader, that is (metaphorically) the sort of week I’ve had.

I’m going to go drown my sorrows in ice cream and TV. See you next week.