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Friday Report: March 24, 2023

You know that saying about the best laid plans of mice? Well, this week I had expected to finish and release a couple of books, but due to Life Complications, I did not. I made progress, just not enough. I did, however, process monthly royalties for our authors, and I dealt with a number of family, health, cat, house, and car things.

On Wednesday, my wife, Morgen, will be taking our older son to Paris—the city where he was born!—for a week. They’ve been planning this for months, but now we’re all concerned that they’ll encounter strikes, protests, cancelled flights, closed businesses, and all the other things that make daily life a joy in Paris. Anyway, while they’re fending off the mobs, I’ll be staying here with our younger son, so I’m not expecting to be very productive during that week, and I’m trying to squeeze in as much work as possible before they leave.

We’re still experiencing high temperatures below freezing here, with a couple of feet of snow on the ground. Some days we get a few hours worth of thawing, and then everything freezes again, so roads and sidewalks are quite treacherous. At the rate things are going, we’ll be lucky if all the snow melts by the end of April. On the bright side, the northern lights are apparently peaking around now, and if the sky is clear tonight, I’m hoping we can see some.

If I’m able to maintain any sort of grip on reality, I’ll be back next Friday with another update.