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Friday Report: March 19, 2021

On Monday we concluded our four-day Pi Day sale, and it was a tremendous success. Thanks very much to everyone who took advantage of the sale, and we hope you enjoy your books!

Next week we’ll be releasing a new book by Glenn Fleishman called Take Control of Your M-Series Mac. For anyone who has (or is contemplating buying) one of the new Macs based on Apple silicon, this book is the definitive reference that will tell you everything you need to know about boot modes, security, using virtual machines, backing up, and a bunch of other important ways in which these Macs differ from those with Intel processors. More info coming soon!

We also have a special surprise update coming soon, possibly as early as next week. I mean, it was a surprise to me, as I just found out that there’s a strong likelihood of a thing happening that has been delayed for a very long time! So, fingers crossed, and I’ll let you know once the thing has actually happened.

I continue to press on with a big update to Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac, and I have many many other updates in the queue for after that is finished. I can’t yet predict the shipping date, but it’s definitely getting closer.

Tomorrow, as we celebrate the Spring Equinox, I’m cautiously optimistic that life will soon make meaningful steps toward returning to an approximation of some version of normal. That would be outstanding. (I celebrated early today by getting my first haircut in five months. Boy, is that a weight off my shoulders!)

See you back here next week.