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Friday Report: March 11, 2022

This week Apple introduced a new iPhone, a new iPad Air, and the new Mac Studio and Studio Display. So I immediately pulled out my credit card and ordered…a new couch. Because, uh, we need a new couch and it is very uncomfortable to sit on a Mac. But perhaps some of that gorgeous Apple hardware is in our future too.

Several authors, myself included, turned in manuscripts to their respective editors this week, so I’m happy to say that we will have several updates next week, and several more later in March. Including some pretty big new editions that a lot of people have been waiting for.

Monday is Pi Day (3.14). Unlike in some recent years, we will NOT be having a Pi Day sale this year, because the timing just doesn’t work out in relation to other things we have to do. However, we are going to procure a cherry pie from a local bakery, because that’s what the laws of mathematics dictate. Or something.

Until next time!