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Friday Report: July 28, 2023

This week I made more progress on my update to Take Control of Your Paperless Office, but not as much as I would have liked, because I spent a few days dealing with a critical server issue (not the Take Control Books server, a different one) that involved a great deal of hair-pulling and lost sleep.

Anyway, that appears to be behind me now, and I’m back to working on my three active projects: Paperless Office, Take Control of Sonoma (expected release: late August), and my ongoing documentation work for MailMaven.

Meanwhile, the SummerFest promotion continues, so feel free to buy as many books (and apps from our developer friends) as you like!

Earlier this week, I took our older son, Soren, to see NASCAR racing at our local speedway. I’m very much not a car guy, but the kid is, and it is my parental duty to do things that make my kids happy. It was noisier but less interesting than a rock concert. Still, quality time with the offspring is always a good thing. On the same theme, tomorrow we’re taking a family drive down to Moose Jaw (yes, that is the name of a real city in Saskatchewan) to visit their branch of the Western Development Museum, where the annual Brickspo Lego exhibition is taking place.

See you next Friday.