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Friday Report: July 22, 2022

Glenn Fleishman is spending his relaxing summer holiday updating books. Today we released a big new third edition of Take Control of Zoom, which reflects the huge number of changes in Zoom in recent months. We also released tiny, bug-fix updates to Glenn’s Take Control of Securing Your Mac, Take Control of Untangling Connections, and Take Control of Your Apple ID.

We are getting very, very close to the second edition of Rosemary Orchard’s Take Control of Shortcuts. There’s a good chance it’ll be ready next week, but I can’t guarantee it yet. In any case: soon.

I continue to work at updates of many of my own books, as well as Take Control of Ventura, which will (in an initial form, at least) ship some time next month.

Let’s check in again next week, shall we?