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Friday Report: January 7, 2022

The temperature here in Saskatoon has been crazy low even by local standards, and that’s saying something. Too cold for school buses to run. Extreme weather warnings all over the place, as in danger of getting frostbite within minutes. This week it was colder here than in Antarctica, colder than the North Pole, colder than Siberia. When people hear we moved here from San Diego (which itself has had a “cold” snap, like 50°F, which sounds downright balmy compared to here), they give me a look that tells me they’re seriously contemplating having me committed.

Anyway, the cold has slowed everything down, and Covid is slowing things down even more, as people get sick and call off work, or go out of their way to avoid contact with others. Also, we’re still waiting for all our worldly possessions to make their way north from California, a process that has also been delayed by all of the above.

All that to say: We’re still not quite up to speed yet, but we are making progress. We crossed many things off our list in this past week that were standing in the way of our productivity, and also our kids started at their new school here. So we’re cautiously optimistic that those long-promised updates will start trickling out Real Soon Now.