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Friday Report: January 22, 2021

This week we (checks notes) installed a new president and vice-president in the United States. Speaking as a Joe (who lives in California and likes the color purple), I couldn’t be more pleased. Given everything that has happened in recent weeks and months, I’m feeling a strong sense of relief, although obviously we have a long way to go before life will once again resemble “normal.” While we wait for vaccines to roll out and the pandemic to wind down, I can at least get some work done without obsessing constantly over other national crises.

We had no book releases this week, but we did make progress. We will have at least one, and likely two or more releases before the end of the month, with even more lined up for February. Also, I’m definitely planning to win a billion dollars in the lottery, but if that doesn’t out, I may try out for the NBA.

I have nothing else to report right now, but this is one time I’m grateful to have had a fairly boring week. There will certainly be some books to talk about next week!