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Friday Report: Febliary 25, 2022

This is the last Friday in Febliary, which my Mac just tried to autocorrect to “February,” and GEEZ I thought it knew me better than that by now.

This past week was largely occupied doing essential but distinctly unglamorous activities like dealing with taxes, accounting tasks, and other sorts of paperwork. Even though my Canadian and American accountants are earning big bucks crunching numbers and filling out forms, it still requires a lot of effort to collect all the information they need, provide it in the right formats, and make sure our accounting software, banks, and the various companies that pay us money are all doing what they should.

So, once again there’s no visible progress in the form of new or updated books to share with you, but all those important numbers behind the scenes are in much better shape than they were before.

See you next week.