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Friday Report: Febliary 18, 2022

I continue to be amused at how many people write to me to point out the “typo” in the titles of my Friday updates this month—a fact that, ironically, proves to me that they never actually read the posts themselves. I am in no way immune to typos—far from it!—but that spelling is entirely deliberate.

My eighth grade geometry teacher, Mr. Shipley, was always making jokes, and one of his endearing goofy habits was pronouncing the name of this month “FEB-lee-airy.” I loved that, and adopted it myself, because it actually rolls off the tongue. It’s easy and fun to say! Whereas “FEB-roo-airy” (or “FEB-ruh-wary,” as the case may be) is so awkward that most people just give up and say “FEB-you-wary” instead, even though we all know that’s incorrect. Well, hey, if you’re not gonna pronounce it the way it’s spelled, why not pronounce it in a fun way that calls attention to the ridiculous fact that the name of the second month violates the pronunciation conventions of English? So, say it with me: Febliary! Doesn’t that feel better?

In the past week we released a small, bug-fix update to my book Take Control of iCloud and a slightly bigger but still minor update to Glenn Fleishman’s Take Control of Find My and AirTags. I’m working on an update to my DEVONthink book, and there are about eight more of my own books in the queue for updates after that. Several other authors are working on other new and updated books, too, and I think March is going to be a pretty big month around here.

See you next week.