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Friday Report: August 27, 2021

Yesterday we released version 1.0 of Take Control of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 by Josh Centers and Take Control of Monterey by yours truly. As has been our custom these many years, we’re offering the initial versions of these books for people who are either using the public beta versions of the operating systems or just want to know what to expect later this year when they’re released in non-beta form. As soon as that happens (almost certainly on the same day), we’ll publish version 1.1 of each book, featuring information about what has changed since the initial release. (Notably, Apple has promised new features in both operating systems that have not yet made an appearance in the betas, while other features have been postponed until a future update.)

We have approximately (pauses to count, uses up all fingers and toes) an infinite number of additional books to update in the coming months, partly to support the new operating systems and partly just to keep them current on general principles. At least half a dozen Take Control authors are already busily working on updated manuscripts, and we’ll push them out as soon as we can. I expect the next couple of months to be quite busy.

In personal news, we received a magical piece of paper this week that will enable our family to do a Very Important Thing in the future. However, we can’t act on that until another big, complicated process runs its course, and although we had thought that would be wrapped up by now, we no longer have a clear timeline. It’s extraordinarily frustrating. However, the kids start school on Monday, and if all goes well, we grown-ups will at least have five or six hours a day to, like, do actual work and think grown-up thoughts and communicate and feel human. That will be nice, I think.