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Friday Report: August 26, 2022

Today we released minor updated to three of Glenn Fleishman’s books, bringing them in line with (what we know so far about) macOS 13 Ventura, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16. Those books are Take Control of Find My and AirTags, Take Control of Your Apple ID, and Take Control of Your M-Series Mac.

Next week…well, next week is the official kick-off of Busy Season here at Take Control Books.

Early in the week, we’re planning to release Take Control of Ventura (by yours truly) and Take Control of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 by Josh Centers. As is the case every year, we publish version 1.0 of our books on the new Apple operating systems as soon as we can get them written and edited (which often means waiting for stable-enough beta versions), and then we release a version 1.1 update day-and-date with the official public release of the software. Apple hasn’t announced any dates yet, but conventional wisdom currently tells us to expect iOS 16 in early-to-mid September, with iPadOS 16 and Ventura following about a month later. We’re also going to release a minor update to my book Take Control of DEVONthink 3 next week.

The following week, look for big new editions of Take Control of Calendar and Reminders and Take Control of Securing Your Mac. Later in September, if all goes well, we’ll release big new updates to Take Control of 1Password, Take Control of Your Passwords, and as many other books as we can work our way through. But don’t worry, that still leaves a long (very long) list for October, November, and beyond.

Remember that you can find out our plans for update books by looking at the books’ individual catalog pages, by clicking the Ebook Extras badge in the upper-right corner of the cover of any of our PDFs, or by clicking the “access extras related to this ebook” link in the Ebook Extras topic near the end of any book. Keep in mind that everything is subject to change, but not because any of us are slacking off. There’s just an awful lot to do, and it takes time.

See you again next week!