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Friday Report: August 20, 2021

Work continues on our books about Monterey and iOS 15/iPadOS 15. If everything goes well, we hope to have version 1.0 of both books out some time next week; as usual, they’ll be updated when the operating systems officially ship. However, work has been slowed massively by complicated life events.

On which subject, this week our family received two pieces of news: one devastatingly bad, and the other shockingly good. I wish I could say the good news cancels out the bad news, but they’re entirely independent, like finding out a relative has died (note: not what happened to us) and also getting a sudden financial windfall (note: also not what happened to us). However, despite being in completely different realms, the bad news prevents us from acting on the good news (for now).

I hope to have actual solid information about new books next week!