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Friday Report: August 12, 2022

People keep writing to ask when our books on Ventura and iOS 16/iPadOS 16 are going to come out, and the answer is…as soon as we can finish writing them, which would be sooner if we didn’t have all these interruptions by people asking us when they’re going to be done! (Seriously, though, they’re both super close. Look for version 1.0 of each before the end of the month.)

We’ve also been getting some inquiries about an update to my 1Password book, especially now that 1Password version 8 is available on all platforms. And, same story: as soon as possible, but I can only type so fast. And before you ask about timing for an update to some other book, lemme just stop you right there. We’re working our way systematically through a long list updates with all possible haste, but we do need to eat and sleep occasionally.

We do, of course, appreciate your interest and enthusiasm.

Go see some meteors.