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Friday Report: August 11, 2023

This week the SummerFest sale ended. Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope you find your new books helpful. I also finally finally FINALLY completed work on the fourth edition of Take Control of Your Paperless Office, a gigantic upgrade after more than six years since the previous version. It’s being edited now, and with any luck, it will ship sometime next week. Now I’m back to focusing on Take Control of Sonoma and the testing and documentation work on MailMaven. Meanwhile, I have a couple of manuscripts from other authors that are in need of editing, and I’ll get to those as soon as I can.

The period from August through December is always the busiest time of year for Take Control Books, as we write new books about Apple’s latest operating systems and update many of our existing titles to reflect what has changed. Off the top of my head, we have at least eight authors working on more than a dozen books right now! Although I have my own aspirational schedule, decades of experience have taught me that there are far too many variables to make public commitments as to the exact timing (or even order) of upcoming releases. All I can say is: there will be a lot, and we’re doing our best to get through them as expeditiously as possible.

If I’m very lucky, and the planets align and the gods are smiling on me and so forth, I might have all of my own books up to date by the end of the year, with a stretch goal of also getting everyone else’s books updated by then. I may have mentioned the significant gap between hope and reality once or twice, but it’s good to have dreams.

After my books are updated, I’ll next turn my attention to the million and one Take Control programming tasks that have been sitting on my to-do list for years. I have big, big plans to make our website faster, smarter, and happier—and also make improvements to the design of our books themselves. It’ll take time and effort, but I’m at least getting significantly closer to the point where the time will be available. Wish me luck.