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Cookies in Safari Taste Better after GarageBand 5.1 Update

In the update notes for Apple’s recent release of GarageBand 5.1, Apple says:

“When GarageBand is opened, Safari’s preferences are changed to always accept cookies. The default preference is to accept cookies only for the sites being visited. The altered setting may allow third parties and advertisers to track a user’s web activity. This update addresses the issue by not changing the preference setting. Users who have run previous versions of GarageBand should confirm that their Safari preferences are set as desired.”

If you use GarageBand 5 (part of iLife ‘09), you should install the GarageBand update. You can get it via Software Update on your Mac (choose Software Update from the Apple menu) or download it from Apple. After installing the update, most likely you’ll want to set your cookie preferences to “Only from sites I visit.” To do so, in Safari, choose Safari > Preferences, click the Security button on the toolbar, and look in the “Accept cookies” section.

This ebook doesn’t talk much about cookies, so in case you’re wondering, a cookie is a chunk of information that a Web site stores on your Mac when you visit the site. The information is then used to track something about your relationship with the Web site, such as the contents of a shopping cart.

When you check “Only from sites I visit,” you’re also turning on “Block cookies from third parties and advertisers.” Typically, this type of cookie would be placed on your Mac from an advertiser or data accumulater that has a presence on a Web page that you visited, such as an advertisement. See Wikipedia’s discussion of third-party cookies for more info.

Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)