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Check Out the Online FAQ

New tips, hints, fixes, secrets, and assorted other information about the iPhone never stop coming. That’s why it’s not surprising that, even in the relatively short time between when Take Control of iPhone OS 3 was finalized and when it was published, I learned several things that I would have included in the book, had I known about them in time.

Not to worry. I’ve made these items available to you. You can read about them in the Online FAQ for the book.

You’ll find the newest items mainly in the Miscellany FAQ, where you’ll learn about such things as what’s going on when iTunes “verifies” your iPhone or how your in-app purchases could disappear. Much of what’s in the other sections of the Online FAQ, while not as late-breaking in its news, cover items of interest that simply could not be crammed into the book itself.

The Online FAQ is also cited on page 9 of the book. I wanted to highlight here, in case you missed it in the book. Once again, here’s the link to the: Online FAQ

Posted by Ted Landau (Permalink)