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BBEdit 10.5 Simpifies and Adds Versions

Our friends at Bare Bones have updated BBEdit to version 10.5. The program remains largely as we described it with a few additions.

First, BBEdit now works with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Versions. Every document you create and save on a local drive with BBEdit automatically keeps tracks of revisions, with a new snapshot every time you save. The new Search > Compare Against Previous Versions menu item gives you access to check against previous drafts. This doesn’t replace version-control systems like Subversion (SVN); rather, it makes it easier to avoid losing significant changes by accident, such as deleting text, saving the file, and closing it.

Second, the Sites feature, once in a palette, is now integrated into Projects. You can set a Project to map to a remote Web site, and use new consolidated preflight tools (syntax checking and other options) to make sure changes pages are ready to go before they’re uploaded to a site. Most of the Take Control book’s details on Sites remains useful.

Third, a new Go menu consolidates a number of features useful to programmers (including those writing JavaScript) for identifying functions, global variables, and other elements, and jumping among points set in a file.

Finally, the document toolbar has been simplified, with fewer icons and more features consolidated into one place. It also takes up less vertical space.

These changes affect very little found in the book, with the exception of a few interface elements and a few menu items in the Text menu.

For a fuller explanation of these details, see BBEdit 10.5 Adds Versions and Brings Web Sites into Projects at TidBITS.

Posted by Glenn Fleishman (Permalink)