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AT&T Changes iPhone Data Plans

As of 22 January 2012, AT&T has raised both the cost and the usage allotment of two of its smartphone data plans. The lowest tier now costs $20 a month for 300 MB of data usage; the previous plan cost $15 for 200 MB. Those who exceed the 300 MB are now charged $20 for an additional 300 MB. The next higher tier now costs $30 a month instead of $25, but now offers 3 GB of usage instead of 2 GB; this plan retains the $10 for each additional 1 GB of usage. Those who currently have the older plans can keep them, but if they change to any of the new plans they cannot then return to the older plans. Glenn Fleishman slices and dices the new plans in his TidBITS article, “AT&T Raises Data Plan Prices for New Customers,” 18 January 2012.

Posted by Michael E. Cohen (Permalink)