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Take Control Live: Working with Your iPad, Show #4

We hope you find this fourth and final show of Take Control Life: Working with Your iPad useful! Remember that, as you watch, there’s no need to take notes because version 1.4 of your season pass contains full notes (to each of the shows!), complete with links to every product that Joe talks about. These notes are the distilled essence of a Take Control book, and they follow along exactly with Joe’s presentation.

You should be able to watch the HTML5 video below on your iPad or iPhone, or in the Safari or Chrome browsers on the Mac or PC. Firefox and Opera should work too, but the quality of the video converted into the .ogv format isn’t quite as good. If you have other troubles, please let us know; we’re still learning all the possible combination of video formats and playback environments. You can also always download the entire video (see below) and watch it in QuickTime Player or other video software. Reading the transcript of the live chat may make sense only if you’re doing so as you watch the video; a lot of the comments make sense only if you’re seeing what the people who were participating live were seeing.

Extras: Right-click and Save Link to Download MP4 Video | Right-click and Save Link to Download Audio | Read Chat Transcript

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