Master Mail in Mojave and iOS 12!

Take Control of
Apple Mail

Fourth Edition
Joe Kissell

Use Apple Mail more effectively! Email expert Joe Kissell explains what’s new with Mail in Mojave (or High Sierra) and iOS 12 or iOS 11, and how to best set up your Gmail, iCloud, IMAP, and Exchange accounts, He then shows you how to take Mail to the next level with plugins and automation, manage your incoming email, customize Mail, and solve common problems.

All Take Control books are delivered in three ebook formats—PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle)—and can be read on nearly any device.

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You can work more effectively in Apple Mail with expert advice from Joe Kissell. You’ll learn how to make Mail serve your needs with essential setup, usage, and troubleshooting instructions, whether you use Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, IMAP, or POP—or more than one account—on your Mac running 10.14 Mojave (or 10.13 High Sierra), or on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 12 or iOS 11.

Joe explains core concepts like special IMAP mailboxes and email archiving, reveals Mail’s hidden interface elements and gestures, and helps with common tasks like addressing and adding attachments. He also offers tips on customizing Mail, including a nifty chapter on how simple plugins and special automation can dramatically improve the way you use Mail. Joe also covers finding that message in the haystack with Mail’s natural language search, improving the messages you send, how digital signatures and encryption work in Mail, and—perhaps most important—an award-winning strategy for avoiding email overload.

You’ll quickly find the information that’s most important to you, including:

  • Key changes in Mail for Mojave and iOS 12
  • Getting through your email faster with gestures
  • Using advanced search techniques to find filed messages
  • Using plugins to significantly enhance how you use Mail (including significant changes to plugin behavior in Mojave)
  • The whys and hows of sending attachments
  • Using markup features to embellish, and even sign, outgoing attachments
  • Defeating spam with the Junk Mail filter—and what to do if you need more firepower
  • Understanding special mailboxes like Sent, Drafts, and Junk
  • Using notifications to stay apprised of incoming messages
  • Taking charge of email organization with rules and other measures
  • Backing up and restoring email
  • Importing email from other apps, older versions of Mail, or another Mac
  • Deciding whether you should encrypt your email, along with detailed, real-world steps for signing and encrypting messages
  • Taking Mail to the next level with AppleScript and Automator
  • 18 things everyone should know about Mail in iOS
  • Fixing problems: receiving, sending, logging in, bad mailboxes, and more

Although this book primarily covers the Mojave and High Sierra versions of Mail, nearly all of it is also applicable to the Sierra version.

Joe Kissell

About Joe Kissell

Take Control publisher Joe Kissell has written more than 60 books about technology, including many popular Take Control books. He also runs Interesting Thing of the Day and is a contributing editor of TidBITS and a senior contributor to Macworld.

Version 4.1 is a relatively minor update that covers what’s new in Mail in macOS 10.14 Mojave and iOS 12. In particular, the following topics are either new or significantly revised:

  • Explained where to find the new preference for toggling Dark Mode in Mail
  • Added a Filing topic to explain how to move or copy messages, including the use of Mail’s suggested mailboxes
  • Added a Continuity Camera topic describing how to add photos and scans from your iOS device to a Mail message
  • Included a tip about moving messages to Favorite folders using the keyboard
  • Provided more detail about showing messages from VIPs in all mailboxes or only from your inboxes
  • Thoroughly overhauled the third-party plugins discussion to cover the new ways of dealing with plugins in Mojave, and adjusted the list of noteworthy plugins to reflect current names and compatibility
  • Added a sidebar The Not-Junk Previous Recipient Problem to describe an old and confusing Mail behavior
  • Expanded the chapter on encryption to include a section about the EFAIL vulnerability
  • Mentioned the new color picker in Markup for iOS 12

The fourth edition (version 4.0) brought the book up to date with the numerous changes in Mail running under macOS 10.13 High Sierra (or 10.12 Sierra) and iOS 11. Along with hundreds of small changes in the book, major revisions included:

  • Added detail to the “Master Mail Concepts” chapter:
    • Updated the discussion of gestures to cover the Magic Mouse
    • Explained new behaviors and options in full-screen mode
    • Updated the description of addressing email to explain the new way Mail chooses From addresses
    • Updated the descriptions of Markup (for macOS Mail) and Handoff (cross-platform) to reflect their current capabilities
  • In the “Customize Mail” chapter, added new topics on tabbed windows and message filters
  • Revamped the coverage of third-party plugins to remove plugins that are no longer available (or just not very useful anymore) and add Mailbutler and Universal Mailer
  • Compressed and modernized the chapter “Use Gmail with Mail”
  • Made a variety of updates in the “Find Your Messages” chapter, including a new sidebar about top hits, and descriptions of Mail’s current behavior with automatic tokens and search terms in quotation marks
  • Developed the “Take Control of Your Inbox” chapter more fully:
    • Updated the description of how Mail handles spam
    • Greatly expanded coverage of backing up and restoring email
    • Added a new topic about how to import email from another app, including a sidebar about moving from another Mac
  • Enhanced the “Become a Better Correspondent” chapter:
    • Added a tip about backing out of bulleted or numbered lists
    • Added instructions for avoiding inline attachments if that’s your preference
    • Updated instructions for sending attachments in iOS to mention Mail Drop
  • Made a number of improvements to the chapter “Sign and Encrypt Messages,” including a new sidebar about ProtonMail
  • Updated procedures and removed outdated advice in the chapter “Fix Mail Problems,” and added a new topic about dealing with recovered messages
  • Made big improvements to the “Use Mail in iOS” chapter, including:
    • Updated the discussion of iOS Mail vs. macOS Mail to reflect the current truth, and added a sidebar about three-pane view for users of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro
    • Expanded the topic formerly called “15 Things Every iOS Mail User Should Know” to “18 Things Every iOS Mail User Should Know” by adding “Add an Inline Drawing,” “Use Drag and Drop,” and “Leave a Mailing List”; also updated the remaining 15 things, with especially important modifications in “Change Account Settings,” “Handle Attachments,” and “Manage Notifications,” plus new sidebars about 3D Touch gestures and suggested destinations

Do you have any books about older versions of Apple Mail?

Yes. After you download this ebook, you can follow its Ebook Extras link to download the first, second, or third edition of the book (look in the Blog) about earlier versions of Mail.

  • Read Me First
  • Introduction
  • Apple Mail Quick Start
  • Learn What’s New in Yosemite and iOS 8 Mail
  • Learn about Email Protocols
  • Master Mail Concepts
  • Customize Mail
  • Use Gmail with Mail
  • Find Your Messages
  • Take Control of Your Inbox
  • Become a Better Correspondent
  • Sign and Encrypt Messages
  • Fix Mail Problems
  • Use Mail in iOS 8
  • About This Book
  • July 14, 2019—We hope to release an update to this book to cover changes in Catalina and iOS 13/iPadOS 13 later in 2019.


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