Your Digital Photos

Are you feeling overwhelmed with so many digital photos that you can never find the one you're looking for? Photographer and author Jeff Carlson reveals the secrets of photo organization and management in this detailed guide. Written for Mac and Windows users alike, this book helps you develop a workload to import, sort, and tag your photos, bringing order to the chaos! Covers Apple’s Photos, Adobe Lightroom, and numerous other apps.

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iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

iOS powers the iPhone, while iPadOS powers the iPad. Both operating systems moved to version 17 in 2023, with new features, user interface improvements, and enhanced privacy. Josh Centers is back with this detailed guide to all the changes, to help you make a smooth transition to iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

Take Control of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 cover

Apple's fall 2023 release of macOS introduces interesting new features including enhanced videoconferencing tools, widgets on the desktop, Safari privacy improvements, and a wide variety of other changes. Take Control publisher Joe Kissell walks you through all the changes—and how to upgrade your Mac from an older operating system—in Take Control of Sonoma.

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Find My and AirTags

Glenn Fleishman’s Take Control of Find My and AirTags takes you inside Apple’s Find My ecosystem. Once a way to track the whereabouts of your iPhone by having it ping the internet at regular intervals, now Find My encompasses sharing and following people (with permission), much of Apple’s hardware and some Beats audio gear, and new trackers from Apple and third parties (including the AirTag). This book helps you understand how it all fits together, and how to keep yourself safe by preventing, identifying, and blocking unwanted tracking.

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Apple's Shortcuts app brings advanced automation capabilities to iOS and iPadOS—and, starting in Monterey, macOS, too. Shortcuts lets you take a building-block approach to creating time-saving automations, but it also includes advanced features that let you create elaborate custom capabilities. In Take Control of Shortcuts, automation expert Rosemary Orchard tells you everything you need to know to turn your iPhone, iPad, or Mac into an automation powerhouse.

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FaceTime and Messages

Glenn Fleishman is back with the book you never knew you needed but can't live without! Take Control of FaceTime and Messages is the complete, detailed guide to Apple’s FaceTime, Messages, and Phone apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. You’ll communicate more effectively, discover useful hidden features, have more fun, and understand how these three powerful communication apps interact with each other and with other Apple products.

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Untangling Connections

In Glenn Fleishman’s Take Control of Untangling Connections, you'll get practical advice (as well as technical details) that will help you make sense of the many varieties of USB, Thunderbolt, HDMI, DisplayPort, and other common ports. Figure out which cable or connector to use to get the maximum data throughput, charging speed, or display resolution you need. Learn about adapters, hubs, and docks; how to tell cables apart; what all those inscrutable logos mean, and more!

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Securing Your Mac

In Take Control of Securing Your Mac, Glenn Fleishman shows you what you should (and should not) worry about when it comes to Mac security. Learn what the most common threats are and how to protect against them! Whether it's encrypting your files, finding the ideal system security settings, using a VPN, or adding anti-malware software, you'll find detailed, friendly advice in this book that will help you keep your Mac and its data safe.

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Photos, the app that replaced iPhoto and Aperture, provides a user-friendly way to organize, sync, share, and even edit your photos and videos. It's available on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. But it's more that a simple digital shoebox. This app has extensive hidden capabilities that can do wonders for your photo collection. Jason Snell takes you in depth in this complete guide to Photos.

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Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a wirelessly connected supercomputer you wear on your wrist—truly a marvel of modern technology. But most Apple Watch owners use only a tiny fraction of its capabilities. In Take Control of Apple Watch, Jeff Carlson helps you discover all the ways your watch can help you communicate, stay healthy and fit, make payments, manage your schedule and to-do items…and even tell time!

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macOS Media Apps

iTunes disappeared with macOS 10.15 Catalina, but nearly all its capabilities (plus some new ones) are available in Apple's Music, TV, Podcasts, and Books apps (with device syncing handled by the Finder). In Take Control of macOS Media Apps, veteran author Kirk McElhearn (who wrote three previous Take Control titles about iTunes) explains in detail how to manage, sort, find, play, import, export, sync, and share your audio and video media using Catalina's built-in apps.

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Managing Your Files

Downloading, creating, and editing files of all kinds is simple on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. But figuring out a logical way to name and organize them? Not so much. And when it comes time to find a file later, you might get lucky…or you might have to wade through hundreds of Spotlight results. All these problems have solutions, and in Take Control of Managing Your Files, Jeff Carlson helps you develop a file management strategy that works for you—and makes your life that much easier.

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Apple ID
Prevent (or solve) problems with your Apple ID!

Everyone who uses Apple devices has at least one Apple ID. Understanding how and when it's used, and what to do when something goes wrong, can save you time and eliminate pain. Glenn Fleishman spells out everything you need to know about your Apple ID(s) and exactly what to do if you encounter problems with it in Take Control of Your Apple ID.

Take Control of Your Apple ID
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