Jeff Carlson’s Take Control of Your Digital Storage demystifies storage on the Mac, from mechanical hard drives to solid-state disks, and covering topics such as network-attached storage (NAS), cloud storage, repairing and managing disks using Disk Utility or third-party alternatives, encryption, file systems (including APFS), and managing data. It’ll help you make better buying decisions and work through the nuts and bolts of working with your digital storage devices.

Take Control of Your Digital Storage cover

The Apple Watch is a wirelessly connected supercomputer you wear on your wrist—truly a marvel of modern technology. But most Apple Watch owners use only a tiny fraction of its capabilities. In Take Control of Apple Watch, Jeff Carlson helps you discover all the ways your watch can help you communicate, stay healthy and fit, make payments, manage your schedule and to-do items…and even tell time!

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Hundreds of millions of people around the world have turned to the Zoom videoconferencing service for work, school, and socializing. It's a powerful tool for meetings, presentations, and even live-from-home TV shows. In Take Control of Zoom, Glenn Fleishman takes you from absolute beginner to expert, walking you through all the important Zoom features and helping you understand how best to put Zoom to use.

Take Control of Zoom cover

If you’ve ever felt your Mac, iPhone, or iPad is harder to use than you think it should be, it’s not your imagination! Apple products are full of puzzles and mysteries, but there’s (usually) a method to the madness. In this book, usability expert Michael E. Cohen explores why and how Apple’s user interfaces became so complicated and sometimes opaque—and teaches you can solve riddles that will help you get more out of your devices.

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More and more people feel it’s important to monitor the inside and/or outside of their homes with security cameras. But choosing the right hardware (and ecosystem), making smart decisions about privacy and security, and setting up cameras in the optimal way for your needs can be a daunting undertaking. Glenn Fleishman cuts through all the confusion in this book that's part buyer's guide, part how-to manual, along with a healthy dose of real-world privacy discussion.

Take Control of macOS Media Apps cover

Apple's Shortcuts app brings advanced automation capabilities to iOS and iPadOS. Much like Automator on the Mac, Shortcuts lets you take a building-block approach to creating time-saving automations, but it also includes advanced features that let you create elaborate custom capabilities. In Take Control of Shortcuts, automation expert Rosemary Orchard tells you everything you need to know to turn your iPhone or iPad into an automation powerhouse.

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iTunes disappeared with macOS 10.15 Catalina, but nearly all its capabilities (plus some new ones) are available in Apple's Music, TV, Podcasts, and Books apps (with device syncing handled by the Finder). In Take Control of macOS Media Apps, veteran author Kirk McElhearn (who wrote three previous Take Control titles about iTunes) explains in detail how to manage, sort, find, play, import, export, sync, and share your audio and video media using Catalina's built-in apps.

Take Control of macOS Media Apps cover
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