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Take Control of Customizing Tiger by Matt Neuburg

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Take Control of Customizing Tiger

It's Day 2 of Tiger, and you've played with the new features. But you can become even more productive if you customize Tiger for your needs. Turn to Matt Neuburg for a road map on how to start using new features in Tiger. Matt shows you how to configure and use Spotlight efficiently for finding files on your hard disk, and once you've found them, he helps you set up smart folders that automatically organize your files.

Matt also helps you make the most of Dashboard, which gives you instant access to mini-applications. In other parts of the ebook, you'll learn how to manage the status menus in your menu bar, how to customize keyboard shortcuts (and even disable the Caps Lock key!), and how to get started with Automator. Matt also covers how to work with Exposé, the sidebar, the toolbar, Finder windows, Font Book, Unicode, and more. Additional help for those new to Mac OS X: 150 basic ways to customize your Mac!

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