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Take Control of Switching to the Mac by Scott Knaster

Ebook: $10.00
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Take Control of Switching to the Mac

Switching to the Mac is easier than ever with our real-world advice!

Switching to the Mac is a big step, and if you're helping someone make the leap, Scott Knaster is here to help with concise, real-world guidance. Scott has worked at Apple and Microsoft, so he has the chops necessary to explain the Mac to someone who has known only Windows. He starts by helping the potential Mac user feel good about switching while acknowledging that it's a big move. Then he gets into the nitty-gritty: how to set up a Mac, how the Mac interface compares with Windows, which Mac applications replace common Windows programs, and how to move data to the Mac, including documents, music, an iTunes library, email messages, address books, and Web bookmarks. Scott next helps a switcher translate Windows know-how to Mac proficiency, covering how to set up users, work in Finder windows, search with Spotlight, manage applications and windows, use the network, print, download software updates, and more, all anchored by ten essential Mac tips. Finally, Scott has some quick advice for sharing documents with Windows users and running the occasional Windows application.

Compatibility: Covers XP and Vista; Tiger and Leopard.

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