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Take Control of Fonts in Snow Leopard by Sharon Zardetto

Ebook: $15.00
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Upgrading to Snow Leopard ($10.00)

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Users & Accounts in Snow Leopard ($10.00)

Apple Mail in Snow Leopard ($15.00)

Backing Up Your Mac, Second Edition ($20.00)

Take Control of Safari 5 ($10.00)

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Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ ($15.00)

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Macworld Total Snow Leopard Superguide ($12.95)

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Take Control of Fonts in Snow Leopard

Install, organize, and use fonts with ease in Mac OS X!

This essential ebook reveals the details of how fonts work on the Macintosh. Whether you want shorter Font menus, nicely organized fonts, or a better understanding of character-rich Unicode fonts, this ebook has the answers. The ebook begins with an overview of font options and storage locations, explains various Apple-provided font utilities, discusses common font tasks such as installation and organization, helps you get the most out of your Font menus, and provides detailed directions for typing special characters.

What about 10.5 Leopard? Despite its title, this ebook fully covers 10.5 Leopard fonts. It was just too awkward to name the ebook "Take Control of Fonts in Leopard and Snow Leopard" or "Take Control of Fonts in (Snow) Leopard."

The ebook includes a coupon worth 20% off on any purchase from Ergonis Software, makers of the font utility PopChar X and other software.

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