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Take Control of Apple Mail in Snow Leopard by Joe Kissell

Ebook: $15.00
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iTunes 10: The FAQ ($15.00)

Upgrading to Snow Leopard ($10.00)

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Macworld Total Snow Leopard Superguide ($12.95)

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Take Control of Apple Mail in Snow Leopard

Learn the basics and go under the hood with Mail in Snow Leopard!

Are you using Apple Mail in Snow Leopard effectively? In this book, author Joe Kissell provides comprehensive guidance. Perhaps you just want to fully understand the basics of receiving, composing, and sending email. Or maybe you want to master many advanced options—including account set up, integrating multiple accounts, formatting, rules, and MobileMe syncing. Either way, you'll find helpful advice and detailed steps. You'll also find tips on various third-party add-ons that make Mail smarter and more enjoyable to use.

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