Read Me First: A Take Control Crash Course
by Tonya Engst

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About This Book

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About the Author

Tonya Engst is best known for co-founding the TidBITS online publication in 1990 with her husband Adam Engst. Tonya also co-founded and is Editor in Chief of the Take Control series, published by TidBITS Publishing Inc.

When she’s not working at her Mac or hanging out with family and friends, you can probably find her outside, running, cycling, swimming, skating, or cross-country skiing. She and Adam live near Ithaca, a small city in upstate New York, with their teenage son, Tristan.


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About the Publisher

TidBITS Publishing Inc., publisher of the Take Control book series and TidBITS Web site, was incorporated in 2007 by co-founders Adam and Tonya Engst.

Adam and Tonya are known in the Apple world as writers, editors, and speakers. They have been creating Apple-related content since they started the online newsletter TidBITS in 1990.

In TidBITS, you can find the latest Apple news, plus read reviews, opinions, and more. TidBITS is the oldest continuously published digital publication on the Internet, and it was the first Internet publication ever to accept advertising, back in 1992. Maybe someday Google will say thank you.


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Read Me First: A Take Control Crash Course

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Copyright © 2014, TidBITS Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.

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Why Take Control? We designed Take Control electronic books to help readers regain a measure of control in an oftentimes out-of-control universe. With Take Control, we also work to streamline the publication process so that information about quickly changing technical topics can be published while it’s still relevant and accurate.

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