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What Mac OS Am I Running?

A computer is an assemblage of metal, glass, silicon, and plastic with potential. Add electricity and an operating system, and the computer comes to life. In 2001, Apple released Mac OS X 10.0, and has subsequently updated the operating system every year or so, bringing us to OS X 10.10. Along the way, Apple dropped “Mac” from the name, calling it just “OS X.” People often refer to (Mac) OS X versions by their nicknames.

“Mac OS X” is pronounced “Mac Oh Ess Ten.”

Mac OS X Nicknames

Apple started with cat names, but with 10.9 switched to California locations:

Checking Your Mac

  1. Move the pointer to the upper left of the screen, to the Apple icon.
  2. Click the Apple icon to display the Apple menu, and then choose About This Mac .
    ① 	Click the Apple icon at the upper left and then choose About This Mac.

    ① Click the Apple icon at the upper left and then choose About This Mac.

    The About This Mac window appears on the screen.

    Text in that window tells you the operating system version. Where, exactly, that text appears depends on which version. If you look carefully, you’ll find it.

  3. When you want to tidy up and make the About This Mac window go away, click the red close button at the upper left.

Note: Considering an upgrade? Keep in mind that a new version of the operating system may have higher hardware requirements especially if you are going forward several versions.

Note: To figure out what version of iOS your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch is running, read What iOS Version Am I On?, near the end of this book.

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“Cat or Cali? To figure out what version of OS X your Mac is running, choose About this Mac from the Apple menu.”

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