Read Me First: A Take Control Crash Course
by Tonya Engst

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Table of Contents

Quick Start

This book explains what you need to know in order to understand and follow instructions in other Take Control titles, as well as other how-to computer books, particularly those that discuss working with the Mac.

Although you can read this book in any order, the topics are arranged in a logical order, from broad to narrow, and from basic to advanced.

Operating System Basics

Understanding Menus

Tip: If you skip around while reading this book, you may find instructions that don’t make sense. If that happens, skim this Quick Start or the table of contents to find the topic with the explanation that you need.

Essential Navigation

Mac Preferences

Essential Tips and Tasks

Note: This book was written and tested with OS X 10.9 Mavericks and iOS 7, with some consideration of older and newer operating systems. The vast majority of it should be useful with any recent version of OS X or iOS.

iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

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