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Take Control of Your Online Privacy by Joe Kissell

Ebook: $10.00
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Take Control of Your Online Privacy

Learn what's private online (not much)—and what to do about it!

Do you have anything to hide? Whether or not you think you do, your online activities are certainly tracked — and not just by well-meaning sites who want to keep you logged in or by marketing firms who want to show you targeted ads for products that you likely want to buy. Don’t believe us? Watch Joe Kissell’s “None of Your Business” sketch below for proof (and some funny bits!).

In the full book, Joe helps you gain perspective on what is reasonable to expect about online privacy and develop a sensible online privacy strategy, customized for your needs. He then explains how to enhance the privacy of your Internet connection, Web browsing, email messages, online chatting, social media interactions, and file sharing. To bring home the most important privacy no-nos, Joe also encourages you to take The Pledge (OK, it’s tongue-in-cheek, though it would have saved numerous politicians from ridicule and career-ending gaffes). Plus, parents will find important reminders about how your online actions can affect your children, far into the future.

Teach This Book! Once you’re satisfied with your own online privacy strategy, you may want to help friends or colleagues improve theirs. To that end, Take Control of Your Online Privacy includes links to a free one-page PDF cheat sheet and to a PDF-based slide deck that you can show on any computer or mobile device screen.

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