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How to Consolidate iTunes Libraries

Reader Mike M. wrote in to ask,

Over the years, I have four or five iTunes libraries running around on various drives. Is there a way to consolidate all of them to ONE library, wherein I have all my tunes, but no dupes? I'm guessing there may be a way I can spend two weeks doing it by hand, but...well, you know....thanks in advance!

Kirk wrote back to say:

You’ve got a confusing situation. I’d recommend looking at Dupin: It’s an app designed to weed out duplicates. If you were simply to add all the music from each library to one main library, then use Dupin, you should be able to clean things out. Dupin will certainly save you a lot of time. Now, if you also want to bring in playlists from each library, have a look at this Macworld article, which shows how to export and import playlists: This will be a fastidious task, but if you simply want the music, use Dupin and it should be relatively painless.

—Posted by Tonya J Engst on March 12, 2012

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