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Macworld Total Leopard Superguide by Macworld

Ebook: $12.95
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Macworld Total Leopard Superguide ($12.95)

Macworld Mac OS X Hints Superguide, Leopard Edition ($12.95)

Take Control of Customizing Leopard ($10.00)

Take Control of Users & Accounts in Leopard ($10.00)

Take Control of Sharing Files in Leopard ($10.00)

Take Control of Permissions in Leopard ($10.00)

Take Control of Fonts in Leopard ($15.00)

Backing Up Your Mac, Second Edition ($20.00)

Take Control: The Mac OS X Lexicon ($15.00)

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Macworld Total Leopard Superguide

Become more productive in Leopard with the detailed advice from the experts at Macworld!

Hey, What's This?
This ebook looks a bit different from the Take Control series, but it has all the features you expect from our ebooks. It was written by our friends at Macworld (some of whom also write for Take Control).

Learning how to make the most of Leopard's new features is easy with this visually appealing book, written by a select group of Mac experts assembled by Macworld. Inside, you'll find a compendium of savvy information about how to use what's new in Leopard, whether you want to navigate the the Finder faster, search Spotlight more effectively, automate your applications with Automator, share screens with others, or tweak core applications like Safari, iChat, Mail, and iCal. The ebook also offers problem-solving advice, and a section on third-party add-ons to extend Leopard's capabilities even further.

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