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Macworld Digital Photography Superguide by Macworld

Ebook: $12.95
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Macworld Digital Photography Superguide, Fourth Edition

Learn everything you need to know about digital photography from the experts at Macworld!

Hey, What's This?
If you're familiar with our ebooks, you've probably noticed that this one is different. It was written by our friends (some of whom also write for Take Control) at Macworld. Since they did a great job, we saw no reason to do something similar, so we're selling their ebook next to ours.

The Macworld Digital Photography Superguide, Fourth Edition is bursting with the latest insight and advice for every aspect of digital photography on the Mac:

  • If you're shopping for a new camera, you'll find useful, up-to-date guidelines for picking the right one for your needs.
  • Once you have a camera, this book will help you take better pictures with shooting tips and tricks from professional photographers.
  • You’ll find out the best ways to use the camera you always have with you—your iPhone camera.
  • As your photo collection grows, use this book to stay organized and to bring out the best in your images with iPhoto '11, including using features like face recognition and GPS support.
  • You'll also find tips to help you print your pictures yourself, scan old negatives and slides, get the best results from an online photo service, back up your photos, have fun with unusual photo projects, make Web galleries, and more.
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